Promoting Your Home

The Righteam takes the time to expertly promote your home through multiple channels to target potential buyers. We develop a special marketing plan specifically for your home. Whether via print, people, or on-site promotion, your home will truly be “on” the market when it goes on the market.



Any agent can list your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The Righteam does that and much more. When you list your home with The Righteam your property is automatically listed on numerous websites. We belong to the largest listing syndication network in the USA which drives your listing to all of the most popular websites in the world including: Google, Oodle, CraigsList,, Trulia, Zillow, Homefinder,,, and many others. Your property will also be a featured listing on the front page of the Avery-Hess website in our ‘Featured Homes’ section.



Your home can be featured in various local and regional newspapers that target home buyers. In addition to advertising, we utilize mailers, flyers and postcards to highlight your home to potential buyers. Mailings are never random, rather, we target neighborhoods down to the zip code, street names, and even specific house numbers, where potential buyers are most likely to be interested in your home.



If you open it, they will come. Open houses and neighborhood previews are wonderful ways to attract potential buyers to your home. Our neighborhood preview program is an invitation to your neighbors to get a sneak preview before an open house. Opening your home for people to view not only increases interest, but also helps spread the word about your home. Your neighbors may have friends who want to move into the neighborhood and what better promotion than for your neighbors to spread the word. We also contact colleagues and friends and former customers to create a “buzz” that will help your home sell more quickly.



The location of your home greatly influences our strategy for marketing. Neighborhood preview programs may not be as effective in rural areas, where Just Listed cards may be a more useful marketing strategy. Signage is another on-site promotion tool that we use. Letting the community, and especially individuals driving by, know that your home is for sale is critical. We place signs near your home so that we can be contacted easily by interested potential buyers.


Targeted Databases

We harness the power of targeted databases. These targeted databases pinpoint prospective homebuyers interested in a home just like yours. We send them personalized invitations to view your home.